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About RSPSoc

RSPSoc gives you access to the world of remote sensing and photogrammetry.

The Society is involved with:

  • the co-ordination and promotion of activities in remote sensing and photogrammetry;
  • relationships and discussion with other related societies;
  • the encouragement of commercial and government participation in remote sensing and photogrammetry;
  • supporting education and training at all levels.

The Society fosters links between commercial, industrial, academic and international organisations and gives its members wider opportunities to exploit available technology and to combine their knowledge and skills. Its activities are relevant to individuals and groups interested in the:

  • Application of remote sensing and photogrammetric data to real world problems in design and development of new instrumentation, sensors and platforms for remote observation and measurement;
  • Development of novel techniques and methods for analysing remotely sensed and photogrammetric data;
  • Integration of remotely sensed and photogrammetric data with other spatial data;
  • Development of the commercial market for remote sensing and photogrammetric products and services;
  • Promotion of education in remote sensing and photogrammetry.

A key feature of RSPSoc is the focus that it provides for the exchange of knowledge and expertise in remote sensing and photogrammetry.

2011. Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry Society
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