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A committee of Council chaired by the Society Chairman manages our links with other Societies and important organisations in the world of remote sensing and photogrammetry. This demonstrates the importance we attach to collaboration, whether it is over a technical meeting of mutual interest, on a matter of national policy or concerns the UK’s place in the international remote sensing and photogrammetry community. The current membership of the committee is given here.

In the UK, we focus our efforts on the UKGeoForum, an umbrella for 12 UK Societies, Associations and Organisations with an interest in geographic information in all its forms – imagery, maps, navigation, geographic information systems and more. Outside the forum, we collaborate with the Natural Environment Research Council, the UK Space Agency and the British Association of Remote Sensing Companies. We are open to new opportunities, so please do contact us.

Within Europe, we have enjoyed a long and fruitful cooperation with EARSel (the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories). We have typically maintained a strong interest and involvement in our respective annual meetings. The EARSeL Council provides a productive forum for RSPSoc to interact with its sister societies across Europe. It also brings us into regular contact with the European Space Agency. Our Special Interest Groups cooperate when appropriate.

The Society is the UK’s Adhering Body to the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS), the scientific union for our profession. ISPRS affairs are managed by the RSPSoc ISPRS Committee, which has members drawn from RSPSoc, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors, who share the cost of the UK subscription with us and each have an equal vote in setting the UK position.

As well as managing these collaborations, the External Affairs Committee seeks to involve the RSPSoc Membership in various relevant consultation exercises that are undertaken from time to time. These might involve government policy on topics like geographic information, be issued by a government department like Defra, seek views on information provision from government agencies such as the Ordnance Survey, or invite opinion on future space missions for agencies such as NASA.


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