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Last Updated on Wednesday, 02 August 2017



Heritage, Urban & Archaeology

Wednesday 6 Sept @ 16:00-17:30

Location: Theatre G20

Session Chair: Maral Bayaraa


The challenges and benefits of remote sensing at multiple scales: recording endangered archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa

Louise Rayne1, Jennie Bradbury2, David Mattingly1, Graham Philip3, Robert Bewley2, Andrew Wilson1

1University of Leicester, United Kingdom; 2University of Oxford, United Kingdom; 3Durham University, United Kingdom


Historic photogrammetry and archaeology: archaeological applications of aerial photography in the Middle East and North Africa

Michael Fradley1, Louise Rayne2

1University of Oxford, United Kingdom; 2University of Leicester, United Kingdom


Documenting lost and endangered heritage sites through photogrammetry and existing footage

Vladimir Vilde, Pedro Rocha

MESH & University College London, United Kingdom


UAV mapping for remote sensing applications: case studies in Cyprus

Kyriacos Themistocleous

Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus


Exploiting a stepped frequency continuous waveform (SFCW) radar to observe vibrations of a bridge due to traffic

Armando Marino1, Scott Allan Orr2

1The Open University, United Kingdom; 2University of Oxford, United Kingdom


Please note, all oral presentations should be no more than 15 minutes in length


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